Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life Sans Garden

Well that's a very sad little title, no? As I read my abruptly final post last spring about preparing for Emily's wedding dinner at our home and looking forward to the year's gardening, I am filled with a mix of sadness, relief, nostalgia and anticipation. And as always, I wonder why I waited so long to face something hard or sad and make it part of the growth and joy of my life!

Shortly after my violas and pansies were planted for the wedding festivities, we realized that for several reasons, we needed to sell our lovely home and yard and move to a smaller, easier, closer to the city and maybe a bit more economical place. I shudder each time I look at our file of plants and their receipts - but then I think, hey, we could have been doing drugs or buying antiques! Building the yard was our hobby and our travel and our exercise and our drug of choice. No regrets. And since the move, I have come to realize that it was oh-so-right a decision and that there are other ways to experience the natural beauty I love. At least for now. We have a lovely condominium with a great central patio and lots of light and room for container planting, and until we find just the right little house with a perfect little yard and big family rooms for the gang - I will write about other gardens and natural wonders that come into my life.

This adventure began with Emily's wedding. Her reception was in the garden and interior of a small studio in the Avenues. Because it was early in the spring, the studio owner let us do the spring clean up and some planting - all all those pots I had filled with pansies were carted right over to her patio! Emily and Tasha and I did the flowers, with logistical support from Kate, and they looked like this:

The pots were great, they added to the charming patio where Emily and Aaron greeted their guests. And we all cleaned up really nicely to celebrate with them. I worked so much in this yard and in the yard of my friend where we held the family dinner, that I felt completely spring fulfilled. The summer took on such a complicated life of its own (luckily for you, full of natural wonders yet to hear of!) that I am very grateful for this lovely day.

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Sarah said...

Jayne!! So glad to see a post on your blog! I've missed reading about your doings.
And what a beautiful picture of a gorgeous family!