Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Goes Around...

Here is my spring view from the kitchen window! Johnny jump ups (violas) in my favorite purple pot. I have experienced many springs. The springs of my young life happened in the southwest where there is a barely discernible difference in the seasons, but the last 30 or so have been mountain west spring times and each one has been a delightful surprise. My first experience with seasonal change was winter semester in a small Idaho college town, and I was dismayed at the dead trees and lifeless landscape. When spring came and bulbs rose from the ground and trees sprouted leaves, I was just shocked!

I feel that way every year still. Greg teases that I say - "Oh, the magnolia came back!" or " Hey did you notice that the ornamental grasses are coming up?", as if it's a big surprise. I read a post by a friend the other day, gently lamenting a day spent cleaning and fixing a lovely dinner - and thinking that tomorrow would dawn with those same things to do and little collective family memory of today's accomplishment. I suspect that yard care (we call it gardening to justify our time spent outside) often feels the same to the lawn mowing population. But as long as the temprature peeks above 40, we are looking for projects and and happy to spend some of every day fussing over a patch of dirt.

This year, we have an early (May 14th) outside dinner party for my daughter's pre-wedding family dinner. Since spring can be a relative term for us, I decided to plant pansies in profusion, because they will oblige us with early growth and no nasty surprises in case of a late frost. That also means two annual planting seasons this year since pansies don't love the hot dry summers of the Wasatch Front. So I have a new experience to tackle - planting summer flowers in with the spring primroses and pansies to make an ever blooming annual presence. The same four seasons may come and go and come and go, one pretty much like another. But isn't it nice that we seem to get same thrill from these little guys every year, no matter how many springs pass us by?

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Ann said...

A daughter! Getting married! Hugs and loves and kisses to you all.

And this is just a lovely, lovely little essay about the joys of spring, ma'am. Yes it is. And I would expect nothing less.